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The potential of digitization sounds good - but what does it mean in numbers? Communication is a soft factor for controllers. Here we provide some hard numbers on how communication with digital technologies affects the return on investment. This makes it comprehensible why the company's profitability benefits from an app, why employee loyalty increases, and how you can fully exploit potentials.

Ideal for business-minded decision-makers with a background in finance and accounting as well as experts in digitization initiatives:

  • Management summary on one page
  • Calculated costs vs. benefits of an employee app as return on investment
  • Expert opinions from the consulting firms Deloitte and McKinsey
  • Sample calculation of a mid-sized company with 300 employees.
  • How the app saves 8% of the working time of commercial employees
  • Comparison to intranet or analog media such as company newspaper & Co.

Examples of economic benefit:

30 days time saving

of working time. On average, it takes 24 days to hire a new team member. Assuming 1% less turnover by improving internal communication, this means 30 fewer days to hire a new employee for 175 employees* (Glassdoor study, 2019).

8% more productivity

Work can be organized much more effectively through chats and good group communication.  If we assume 8% per employee over 3 hours per week, this results in work performance worth €1,310,256.- per year for 300 employees, which is unnecessarily wasted (total wages according to DESTATIS for manufacturing industry of approx. €4,852.- gross wage). (*Deloitte study, 2018)

38% less costs

38% of employees feel burned out. The increase in absenteeism due to a lack of employee loyalty results in costs of around 53,000 euros for a company with 175 employees and a turnover of 15 million.*(Gallup study 2021: 38% of employees in Germany feel burnt out, calculation with 2 days of absence at 400 € per employee)

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You need these numbers to better argue the impact of an employee app:

More productivity: In companies with better communication, everyone is informed and productivity is right. 

Less fluctuation: More identification with the company, strong employer branding and higher employee loyalty

Making smarter use of digitization: Intranet, newsletter or mail? Integrating everyone places high demands on technologies

More leadership: You want to reach for the stars, but no one is coming along? The right communication is the basis!

More motivation: High identification is important. But only excellent communicators know the right form of recognition

Better working atmosphere: Their silence is praise enough? To retain the best, you need an attractive corporate culture.

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